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Flex Rental Manager is a web based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed for the rental and production industry. Flex provides modules for inventory management, cast and crew scheduling, facility management, quotes, purchasing and invoicing. Flex also provides extensive support for barcoding and warehouse logistics. For prospective customers, more information about Flex can be found on the Flex Rental Solutions web site.

About This Document

This document is intended to serve as a training and reference resource for Flex users and those planning how best to deploy Flex in their organization. Because Flex changes so frequently, we expect this document to change often and for that reason do not provide a printed version. If you'd prefer a printed version, you can use the option under the tools menu to export a PDF of this document or any section within it.

Flex has thousands of configuration options and can be configured to work in an infinite number of ways. The examples considered in this document will assume a system starting from our standard bootstrap configuration with quotes, pull sheets, and a prep scan process that generates manifest documents. It's possible that the terminology and workflow will be different in your system.

Version Declaration

This document covers version 4.4.17 of Flex Rental Manager.

Other Resources

Flex maintains several other public resources that provide current information on Flex Rental Solutions and Flex Rental Manager.

  • YouTube Channel Provides training videos and feature overviews. We recommend that existing customers subscribe to this channel as new content is added frequently.
  • Twitter Feed Low volume Twitter feed that provides links to the monthly Flex newsletters, which are the fastest way to stay in the loop about new feature additions. We'll also be adding deployment notifications and other technical notifications to Twitter in the coming months.
  • Downloads Page Several key documents referred to in this user guide are available for download from our web site.
  • Engineering Blog The Flex Engineering Team maintains a technical blog with frequent articles about ongoing research and development at Flex. The blog is a good resource for in depth technical information that may be beyond this scope of this document.
  • Support Forum Provides an interactive user forum for discussion of all matters Flex Rental Solutions.  Read, post, reply.
Contacting Support

Existing customers may contact support at any time by emailing A comprehensive list of alternate support contacts can be found on our web site's support page:

Table of Contents

Setup and Installation

Company Settings
Resource Types 

Email Server Info

Reports and Analytics

Built In Reports
Document Print Formats
Designing Custom Reports

Inventory Management
Contact Management
Talent and Crew Scheduling
Event Management

Setup QuickBooks Integration

Mobile Platforms
Plugin Development
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