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Flex Rental Manager
Version 4.6.16


This release contains critical maintenance fixes from the release, a redesigned project element search system, new message queue architecture and additional new functionality.


  • Bug fix for an exception loading conflict statuses.
  • Bug fix for an exception loading equipment lists.
  • Bug fix for an exception when changing quantities of serialized items.
  • Bug fix for an exception when generating Bookmarks.
  • Bug fix for an exception when opening certain quotes.
  • Bug fix for an issue when trying to subrent items.
  • Bug fix for an issue where a user with edit permissions was receiving a warning due to lack of view permission.
  • Bug fix for an issue where cancelling from the Staffing Assistant was moving the line to the Crew List unstaffed.
  • Bug fix for an issue where items with auto-included items were being dragged and dropped and prices weren't recalculating immediately .
  • Bug fix for an issue where some service items were uneditable in line items.
  • Bug fix for an issue where when all units of a serialized item were gone the system still showed and stated available.
  • Bug fix for Bulk Edits not properly updating the Crew Call.
  • Bug fix for copied items not sending new documents to QuickBooks.
  • Bug fix for Crew Call not being updated by the Update Staffing Paperwork link.
  • Bug fix for Google calendars expiring.
  • Bug fix for issues with printing the new Deposit Invoice report.
  • Bug fix for line item discounts of 0% not overrding standard discounts.
  • Bug fix for rental items receiving the same time as any previously entered tiered line items even if tier is not applicable.
  • Bug fix for scan log times not doing an exact reversal when sorting by ascending or descending.
  • Bug fix for workflow status color not resetting during element copy.
  • Bug fix to ensure the ordinal of suggestions is correct and reflects what's shown in the suggestion dialog box.
  • Bug fix to repair a count mismatch when marking non-serialized items out of commission.


  • Added Deposit fields and reports
    • Added Deposit Due Date Report.
    • Added initial Deposit Invoice Report.
    • Schema updater created to enable settings for Deposit Invoices.
    • Added the ability to use decimals in the Deposit Percentage field and have them display on screen in the field.
  • Added new accounting options for including totaling of Resource Type, Misc Line and Discount Totaling to keep from having conflicts with fee matrices.
  • Added security to check if user is authorized via the settings on Financials > Account Integration before allowing an export to QuickBooks.
  • Added the ability to do partial copy on equipment lists.
  • Schema updater added that updates all custom rows with DSC codes as must be negative = YES for proper calculations.
  • Updated multiple screens to sort alphabetically by name.
    • Projects > Workflow
    • Projects > Workflow Jobs
    • Projects > Email Templates
    • Projects > Element Types
    • Financial > Fee Matrices
    • Contacts > Customer Relationship Types
    • Contacts > Contact Types
    • Contacts > Referral Sources
  • Embedded ActiveMQ message system replaced with external RabbitMQ instance.
  • Lucene search engine retired and replaced with Riak Search.

Copyright 2013, Flex Rental Solutions, LLC

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