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Flex Rental Manager
Version 4.16.3


4.16.3 contains enhancements and critical bug fixes for the 4.15.1 release.


  • Improved the Add To Existing Transfer Order Suggestion result to include all Transfer Orders between the current date and Existing Transfer Order Start Date.
  • Implemented Scanning validation for more non-serialized items than allocated.
  • Updated imports to include Serial Purchase Order field.
  • Implemented an Inventory Group selector for the Inventory Export report.
  • Upgraded Hibernate data layer from 4.1.X to 4.3.X to enhance performance by avoiding cache invalidation issues.
  • Enabled jdbc batching to increase write performance.
  • Improved sorting for the Income by Department Detail report.
  • Enhanced Sales Tax report with the option to sort by location.


  • Fixed bug that would allow changes to Inventory Model Maximum Discount value to cause a modification existing financial documents for that model.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in a Processing Exception error when selecting a deleted calendar.
  • Resolved issue that could have caused an error when loading resource conflicts.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in a Processing Exception error while gathering workflow parameters.
  • Resolved issue causing error while updating service offering.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Menu Options from displaying.
  • Fixed bug that caused an error when adding Suggestions.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Link Manager actions from processing.
  • Fixed bug that prevented child elements from inheriting the document number from the parent element.
  • Corrected Hide if Zero functionality for Financial Documents.
  • Fixed bug causing elements with a sequential numbering scheme to assign previously used document numbers.
  • Resolved issue that prevented the Crew Call Schedule from displaying.
  • Fixed bug that caused involuntary quantity field entries for some customers while Free Scanning In.
  • Fixed bug preventing the inheritance of updated Quote Ship and Return Methods.
  • Resolved issue preventing Crew Call and Quote deletes generated from the Staffing Assistant.
  • Fixed bug causing the Time column to display on elements when Price Model is set to Each.
  • Fixed bug causing an error when saving Payment Terms.
  • Fixed bug causing an error for some clients when updating equipment list line item on Instrument or Channel tabs.
  • Resolved issue where Custom Field Captions filled with non-alpha characters caused errors.
  • Fixed bug causing Class Cast exception errors for some customers.
  • Fixed bug that prevented items with auto include suggestions from automatically appearing on pullsheets/quotes.
  • Fixed bug that caused an error when a customer accessed the Staffing Assistant.
  • Resolved issue that caused an exception error for some customers when scanning items with set storage locations.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in a null pointer error when a custom report was generated.
  • Resolved issue that prevented the display of the cascading suggestions arrow and associated suggestion window when adding inventory items to a quote.
  • Fixed bug that cause an error when attempting Warehouse receiving.


  • Fix for an issue that prevents customers from using duplicate numbers for quotes, checks, pull sheets, or purchase orders. Workaround is to add -1, -2 to the end of each duplicate record number.
  • Fix for an issue that causes header items/report stacks of some elements to duplicate. These can be deleted manually through going to projects > project elements > quotes > document header/reports.
    A maintenance release will be forthcoming that will contain bug fixes for these identified issues. Please contact with any questions.
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